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Manufactured by Wonder products


Material Safety Data Sheet



If you have a new cassette sanitising is NOT required, but with other chemicals it is IMPORTANT- To clean out the holding tank

  • Crush 2 tablets
  • Dissolve in 2 cups of hot water & pour into cassette
  • 1/2 fill with water & leave for 1 day
  • Tip the cassette over & leave for another day
  • Rinse out including upside down to clean around the mechanism
Begin - By placing tablet in the bottom with cup water for 4 days usage.

Top tank Use for water only.

Crush tablet lightly with hammer dissolve in 2 cups of hot water.  Put into a spray bottle & spray around bowl each day or when required.  Also clean the seat once a week.

DO NOT USE ANY OTHER PRODUCT WITH OBG as will cease to work!

If 2 persons using toilet the average empty out is 4 days.  For 8 days usage use 1 tablet with cup water.

When the cassette is in storage simply put tablet in the holding tank with 3 litres of water & empty when off travelling again.

HOLDING TANKS i.e. more than 21 litres

Use 1 x FAST tablet if emptying in 7 days

If emptying beyond 1 month use the Blue SLOW release tablet every 14 days

MASURATOR Type Toilets

We suggest you crush the tablet before putting it into the system so as not to DAMAGE the mechanism.

If you are able to put tablet directly into the holding tank this is good.

OBG will break down the Solids/Paper & get rid of the odour.


IMPORTANT- Follow the directions for good results!

How to Break the Tablet

Place one tablet flat down on palm of your hand, take another tablet in other hand and on it's edge tap the centre of the tablet LIGHTLY.



Spray bottle usage: Crush tablet in 2 cups of hot water & place into a spray bottle. Do not add any more to the bottle it is not required.

This can be used for the following uses.

  • Spray on tiles, furniture where pets have left there odour, shoes (spray inside & leave).
  • Rubbish bins: spray to deodorise & sanitise
  • Coffee cup stains: Add small amount (5ml) size and soak overnight in hot water.
  • Dishwasher: Add 60 ml to the washing formula.
  • Laundry: Add 240 ml to wash instead of bleach.

OBG is a very effective household Disinfectant, Deodoriser & Cleanser

I've started using Odour-B-Gone in my Motorhome toilet but it's not effective yet, why?

  • The remnants of your previous treatment can affect Odour-B-Gone's performance.  Make sure that the cassette is rinsed well.  Don't use any other cleaners or antiseptic solutions in the toilet and give Odour-B-Gone time to work.
  • Follow the instructions provided, use Odour-B-Gone in both the Top Tank and the Cassette.



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